Clutch Repair

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If you own a manual transmission vehicle, the simple fact is that without a clutch, you can’t use the vehicle at all. This means that experts within the city that provide you with transmission repair services also need to be well-educated on how to do so with your clutch as well. When bringing your needs to the professionals at Concord Transmission Repair and Service, you can count on a high skill level and the means to bring the same quality to your clutch as to your transmission.

Clutch Inspections

The first step in any clutch service is to get to the bottom of your issue. Whether your clutch is just beginning to fail, locked into position or simply no longer functioning, our experts first need to get into the why of the matter before bringing the how of fixing it. We accomplish this through a variety of approaches, from visual inspection to diagnostics and even road testing if applicable, all in the means of ensuring that we can treat your clutch correctly and provide you with the right solutions for your needs.

Parts and Service

Though we use the term “clutch” as a catch-all, there are actually quite a few parts that come together in order to provide this functionality and when looking for a quality repair service, knowing that the experts you call upon have the capability to provide care no matter the aspect of your clutch is key. We bring you the repair and replacement you need for your flywheel, pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing, clutch release system and more. We are more than just the transmission repair Concord, NC area residents and business owners rely on, we are skilled mechanics with a wealth of services.

All Vehicle Types

From the smallest of economy cars to RVs, SUVs, busses, transport trucks and delivery vans, we encompass a wide variety of different vehicle types in order to provide the clutch repair services you need. From personal vehicles to quality fleet service, we look to bring the city of Concord the means to obtain the best solutions to your needs, whatever they may be. When bringing your vehicle to the transmission shop Concord, NC depends on, you can count on being provided a host of solutions that give your vehicle the means to obtaining care from the best in the business.

Lifetime Reliability

Every service that we bring to vehicles across the Concord area is carried out with the highest level of expertise and products of the best quality. These characteristics together provide you with a solution that you can count on for the life of your vehicle and bring you the peace of mind you need to hit the roads of the city in confidence. Whatever the vehicle type, the service type or the number of treatments you need in one visit, you can count on the skill and experienced of Concord Transmission Repair and Service mechanics to bring you a dependable result. Check out our towing services.

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